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Understanding Vermont Medicaid’s coverage

Posted over 3 years ago

New Educational Training for Primary Care Providers Available on Evaluating for Appropriate Services and Completing an Individual Education Plan Review

The Department of Vermont Health Access (DVHA) has created a power point presentation for primary care providers entitled “Authorization for Individual Education Plan (IEP) Services: Evaluating for Appropriate Services and Completing an IEP Review.” This presentation is available on the Vermont Health Learn Platform at: The presentation includes two 15-minute modules. The first module focuses on why providers are asked to review IEPs, and how to evaluate for services. The second module focuses on how to complete an IEP review. Please complete the brief survey at the end of the presentation to recommend improvements or clarifications.

This presentation is the first of many that DVHA will be posting. The goal is to assist providers in understanding Vermont Medicaid’s coverage, to better serve Medicaid members. Future presentations will include information on medical equipment, procedures, and services. Providers who have ideas for helpful presentations are invited to contact


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