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Great news for PAs in VT!

Posted almost 4 years ago

S.128 or the PA Practice Modernization Bill was signed by Governor Scott on July 1

 In summary, the bill:  

changes the relationship between a PA and a physician from supervisory and requiring Delegation Agreements to one of collaboration where there is one participating physician who signs a Practice Agreement for the entire practice/group a PA works with.

If a PA works in a single physician office, then that's the physician who signs the practice agreement.

- removes the physician liability for a PA's practice. PAs still work in collaboration with physicians and other care team members to the extent of their training, education and experience. This is not independent practice for PAs. 

- no need to submit primary or secondary supervising physician paperwork when you reapply for your license. 

- allows PAs to be  directly reimbursed for their patient care. This is most important for PAs working at large organizations where they are not as visible to leadership in the cases of bundled payments for surgical or OB services, for example.

 - PAs can function as Primary Care Providers for patients in areas where physicians and APRNs would also be considered PCPs for patients. 

The Board of Medical Practice (BOMP) has 1 year to draft a new version of their 'rules' pertaining to PAs and this new legislation so there will be more details to come after they create this. Their rules need to be done by 7/1/2021. Since most PAs are in the middle of our licensing cycle - our current Delegation Agreement is still in effect until we revise/change it with the Board of Medical Practice to a Practice Agreement. Since we don't know what will appear in the BOMP rules, it may make the most sense to wait until Fall 2021 to ensure your Practice Agreement includes what the BOMP will want.  

The PAAV will provide further information as it becomes available from the BOMP.

Please let us know if you have questions. 


PAAV Legislative Committee

PAAV Board of Directors