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AAPA House of Delegates - UPDATE

Posted 3 months ago

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The AAPA House of Delegates involved a lot of discussion as is typical. We have included a summary of the resolutions that passed and were rejected. Many were amended and then adopted as AAPA policy.  Click here to see the details. 

In summary – the topics we thought would be highlights ended up as follows;

- House of delegate officer position term limits was not adopted

- Complementary and alternative medication options if appropriate were adopted

- NCCPA is already exploring an alternative pathway to the closed book exam so the alternative pathway to recertification exam resolution was adopted

- PA program instruction involved a lot of discussion at the House. The resolution was amended and adopted – see attached document for the specific language.

- Increased CME for precepting was also a hot topic. The authors of the resolution also wanted this for PAs precepting PA fellows who were already PAs and not just student PAs. Part of this will return next year as a new resolution. One of the underlying difficulties is finding PA preceptor sites.

- There was support for online CME for those required portions set by each state medical board. The language was amended – see attached document for specific language

- PA Database for PA referral was rejected.

- Reduced barriers to expansion of OUD tx by having MD/PA parity in training. This now gives the AAPA policy to help with the legislative changes needed to enact this recommendation.

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